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Building Washing Services in New York

Did you know that regular facade cleaning of your building can protect and prolong the life of painted and block surfaces on your building? In New York (NYC), Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island and Bronx we experience sun, high pollution and massive storms. These elements equal disaster for the exterior of your building deteriorating the paint and block surfaces.

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A+ Building Facade Cleaning

As an accredited power washing service, we at Spotless Mobile Wash Inc are exceedingly versed in our trade. Backed by five years of industry experience, our expertise is evident and ever-expanding. Both insured and reliable, we’re a company that you can trust.If you’re in the market for a professional building pressure washing company, make Spotless Mobile Wash Inc your first port of call.

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Studies have shown that a clean workplace boosts overall happiness.
Why not give your workers a nice clean building to walk into every day.

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Commercial Building Pressure Washing NYC

Over the past decade, the city has experienced a huge growth spurt and we have been there to clean up the city’s building exteriors. From hotels and multi-story residential complexes to skyscrapers and historic buildings, Spotless Mobile Wash Inc in New York gets to places others can’t. ‍

Commercial building pressure washing or commercial building facade cleaning removes graffiti, rust, algae, mold, mildew, bird droppings, lime deposits, construction debris, oil, grease, chewing gum, tire marks, and ugly stains.

Commercial Building Pressure WashingCommercial Building Pressure Washing nyc
commercial building façade cleaning nyccommercial building façade cleaning brooklyn

Facade Elements, Roof & Awnings Cleaning

Some building elements such as roof, awnings, canopies, decorative cornices, require special treatment by access, cleaning process and products election. Expertise in special access and fall-protection techniques allow us efficiently clean and maintain all types of roofs, awnings and architectural building elements.

In order to prevent damage, we use soft-cleaning for roofs and awnings made from vinyl, membranes, canvas, painted metal, gypsum, aluminum and metal panels, plexiglass. Some, terra cotta and tiled roofs can be safely cleaned via pressure washing.

With Spotless Mobile Wash Inc safe working at height and industrial rope access capabilities, we can access targeted areas with building exterior washing.

Building Facade Cleaning & Pressure Washing

Exterior cleaning with water sprayed under high pressure of 1,500-4,000 PSI. Very efficient way to remove dust, dirt and grime from various surfaces from stucco, concrete, painted metal. In some cases, pressure (power) washing can be used in combination with a cleaning product application.

This method is not recommended for surfaces that can absorb water quickly (such as limestone, travertine, some brick masonry), made from materials that can be damaged by the pressure such as vinyl, canvas, siding. Power washing can be ineffective for smooth materials such as glass, aluminum or stainless-steel panels.
Building Facade CleaningBuilding Facade Cleaning

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    building façade cleaning nycbuilding façade cleaning

    Benefits of Exterior Building Pressure Washing Service NYC

    Water intrusion and corrosion can be detrimental to a building’s structural soundness. If exterior cleaning is neglected moisture gets trapped under the many layers of dirt, debris, and mold that form over time. This buildup is expedited where a combination of sunlight, salty ocean air, and pollutants are commonplace.

    Maintaining your building with routine preventative maintenance and commercial exterior washing services prevents debris buildup and limits costly building repairs. In the event you wish to sell, a building’s curb appeal certainly plays a factor with potential buyers. The first thing realtors do when trying to sell a property is making it stand out. Building pressure washing creates the perception of a clean, well-maintained property that may even boost your building’s market value  in NYC (New York).

    Building Facade Clean FAQ

    Despite slight cracks in the plaster facade, the façade will remain clean. The damaged areas should be inspected by one of our expert advisors when preparing the offer. Depending on the condition of the façade, cleaning alone may not be sufficient.
    Often, it appears that a fire has broken out. A continuous tilt ventilation system leads to the growth of black algae and mould. Cold air escapes along the façade and cools quickly as it rises along the façade. The result is a permanently damp façade due to the accumulation of condensation above the window.
    Plaster facades with cracks are not just visually disturbing. Furthermore, cracks can cause serious damage to the façade, resulting in a decrease in property value. In addition to the surface of the building envelope, moisture entering through cracks creates a perfect environment for mould and algae to grow. You can moisten and then fill cracks in order to eliminate them. In order to prevent the crack from recurring, long-term protection should be applied to the affected areas.

    Facades typically last between 60 and 80 years depending on their type. If the façade shows signs of algae and mould, it should be treated as soon as possible in order to maintain full functionality. Even if no discoloration can be seen with the naked eye, you should have your façade cleaned at least every ten years if you want to enjoy it for many years to come.

    Here are a few points to keep in mind as a customer:

    • It is mandatory to close all windows during façade cleaning, including basement windows.
    • We recommend removing roller shutters. Stay with the blinds up.
    • It is also important that the balcony be fully emptied before it is cleaned.
    • There must be no obstructions in any window frames or sills. Sensors for temperature, flower pots, etc.
    • The façade washing requires about three metres of space around it. It is therefore advisable to move away flower pots, benches, garden accessories, etc.
    • Parking lots adjacent to work areas should be kept free as much as possible so that we can work unhindered everywhere with our work equipment.
    Plaster and thermal insulation today can often lead to mold and algae growth. Due to the frequent exposure to precipitation, aversion from the sun, and inability to dry completely again, this side of the house is most affected by weather conditions. Synthetic paints are often used for plastering houses. They retain water and block the drying process, causing a damp environment to develop. In addition to wet basement walls and leaking pipes in the masonry, mould and algae may also grow as a result.
    It usually takes one day to clean an average detached house, depending on the type of surface to be cleaned, the number of square metres, accessibility, and degree of soiling.
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