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Exterior Power Washing Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens

Exterior Power Washing Brooklyn, New York, Queens

Hiring mobile exterior power washing cleaning service isn't easy.

In practice, the most widespread method is high-pressure jet cleaning (hydrodynamic cleaning), which is used for exterior pressure washing of a car and units. The principle of removing contaminants using a jet consists in the mechanical destruction of the layer of contaminants, its bonds, called adhesion, with the surface to be cleaned due to normal and tangential stresses that arise when a moving liquid (water, washing solution) hits an obstacle.

Contaminants are removed if the force of impact (impact impulse) of the jet against the surface of the cleaning object exceeds at least one of the strength adhesion-cohesive characteristics of contaminants, such as compressive strength, bending, shear, adhesion force, etc. If the force of interaction of dirt particles with the surface to be cleaned is greater than the force of interaction between dirt particles, then exterior cleaning is carried out by the "drilling" method. Otherwise by the "tearing off" method.

To convert the potential energy of the liquid head into the kinetic energy of the jet, special nozzles are used. Liquid jets are formed using nozzles of various shapes and sizes. For example, nozzles with a round outlet at the outlet produce a sharp, continuous and concentrated jet that can penetrate the layer of dirt to separate them from the bottom of the surface to be cleaned and makes it possible to clean hard-to-reach places.

What exterior pressure washing services does Spotless Mobile Wash Inc give New York, Brooklyn and Queens business owners?

Slotted nozzles produce a flat fan-shaped jet with an angle of 15-120 At small angles, the jet is flat and sharp with a significant impact force. As the angle increases, the jet expands, but the impact force decreases markedly. At large angles the jet is flat, wide-coverage. Compared to conventional nozzles, high pressure nozzles have a sharper, concentrated spray pattern. As a result, closely bound water droplets increase the impact force of the jet by 1.5 times.

Pumps equipped with hoses and spray guns are among the simplest installations that implement the hydrodynamic exterior cleaning method. High-quality and, importantly, high-performance cleaning of surfaces is ensured by increasing the impact of the jet in conjunction with high water temperature and high jet speed (170-250 m s) due to the high pressure in front of the nozzle (up to 200-220 kgf cm2).

The hydraulic monitor of exterior pressure washer works according to the principle, which is as follows: through a water filter, the task of which is to protect the pump from the ingress of sand and other mechanical particles, it enters the cylinder head. The pump builds up pressure and pumps water through the bypass valve into the high pressure delivery hose, then feeds it into the gun and through the nozzle (turbolaser) out to the surface to be cleaned.

The outlet pressure can be changed with the pressure regulator knob and monitored by the pressure gauge. When the exterior pressure cleaning rises above the norm, the safety valve built into the system opens, water is again supplied to the pump inlet, thereby preventing its damage. When the machine is in automatic mode, activating the gun handle ensures that water flows through the mixer and the machine turns on. If the handle is no longer activated, water circulates through the bypass valve and the machine stops.

By activating the pistol handle, it is switched on again. When the machine is operating in manual mode, water is taken from any container (tank). If the gun handle is not activated within 4 minutes, the machine shuts down. The detergent is fed into the system through an injector from a separate container, where a hose goes. After turning the exterior pressure cleaning regulator knob, the machine automatically sucks in the detergent and supplies it with water to the turbolaser.

Exterior Washing machines can be conditionally divided into the following types of exterior washing:

  • By the type of execution - mobile and stationary;
  • Type of pump drive - from an electric motor, from an internal combustion engine, with pneumatic and hydraulic drives;
  • Pump design - axial piston, radial piston and in-line;
  • Pump unit designs - monoblock, gear and flanged;
  • Supply water temperature - heated, unheated, steam generators.

The most demanded procedure at every car wash is an external car wash. And not in vain! After all, the paintwork constantly collects dust, dirt, the remains of the vital activity of birds and insects, and it can all mix with rain, road chemicals, salts and form substances unfavorable for the coating. To give the car a neat and well-groomed appearance, as well as to maintain a long service life of the vehicle coating, you should regularly go through the body wash procedure.


At the Traffic car wash, the external wash is carried out in the following sequence:
  • Thorough cleaning of paintwork and car glass from dirt.
  • Non-contact application of active foam or non-contact shampoo using special equipment on the car.
  • The action of the active substance for several minutes, depending on the degree of pollution, the season, the dimensions of the car.
  • Washing off automotive chemicals from the surface of the car, drying.

Despite the simplicity of the procedure and its presence in the list of services of all external car washes in the city, there are significant differences in the final result from its implementation. Everything will depend on the chosen car wash and its level of training. At the Mobile car wash in Brooklyn, you will have a high-quality detailing of your iron friend.


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