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Given its industrial past and ongoing development, Gowanus buildings and public spaces are frequently exposed to pollutants and debris. Regular professional pressure washing is essential to combat these elements, helping to maintain the structural and aesthetic integrity of the neighborhood’s diverse properties.
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Our power washing in Gowanus include:


Graffiti Removal

Effective and quick removal to keep facades professional and welcoming.


Facade Cleaning

Customized cleaning for both old warehouses and new constructions.


Concrete Cleaning

Deep cleaning to restore and maintain sidewalks, paths, and plazas.


Roof Cleaning

Preventative maintenance to protect and enhance rooftop conditions.


Awning Cleaning

Detailed cleaning methods to preserve and brighten storefront awnings.


Windows & Doors

Thorough cleaning to ensure clear and inviting entrances.

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Free Quote

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Cleaning Process

Professional power washing with adjustable pressure and water temperature as needed.


Final Inspection

Inspect the cleaned area, make any necessary touch-ups, and discuss maintenance with the client.



Hot Pressure Washing

Gowanus is an evolving Brooklyn neighborhood known for its industrial roots and recent transformation into a vibrant community hub. This area combines a gritty, urban aesthetic with an influx of new residential developments, trendy eateries, and creative art spaces. Gowanus is also home to many small businesses and manufacturing facilities, all benefiting from the neighborhood’s central location and the revitalization of the historic Gowanus Canal. As the area continues to grow and attract more foot traffic, maintaining cleanliness and curb appeal is increasingly important.

Partner with us to enhance and preserve the unique industrial and creative spirit of Gowanus. Contact us for a free consultation and quote, and learn how our expert pressure washing services can help maintain and improve the quality and appearance of your property.

Dedicated to keeping Gowanus clean and vibrant with professional pressure washing services.

For customers we have following options

Monthly Maintenance Plans

NYC Spotless Power Wash offers Monthly Maintenance Plans tailored specifically to the needs of Gowanus’s businesses and residential areas. These plans facilitate regular, scheduled cleanings to ensure properties remain clean and attractive without interfering with daily operations.

Multi-Service Discounts

Our Multi-Service Discounts allow you to bundle multiple cleaning services for greater savings. By combining services like facade washing, concrete cleaning, and window washing, Gowanus property owners can achieve a comprehensive maintenance solution that is both effective and economical.

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